Commencement programs

New candidates in research degrees at Macquarie University must complete a mandatory Commencement Program in their first year of study. The program has several components:

Central Commencement Program (CCP)

The Central Commencement Program (CCP) is a one-day event providing an introduction to the University, to research practice, and to the support mechanisms available to research candidates university-wide. It may also be completed online.

Faculty Commencement Program (FCP)

The Faculty Commencement Program is a half-day event providing candidates with an introduction to the Faculty of Science and Engineering and faculty-specific information, such as resources (e.g. technical services, funding) OH&S requirements, and how to obtain animal and/or human ethics clearance for your research. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet key staff in the Faculty as well as other commencing research candidates. The FCP is pivotal to new candidates to integrate into the culture of research in the Faculty and their departments. FCP is held twice each year, in late February/early March and in late July/early August. Please contact the Faculty HDR team if you are unable to attend, for example due to late enrolment.

Departmental induction

Each department in the Faculty of Science and Engineering has its own induction program, to introduce you to research colleagues, department staff and resources, and information on departmental procedures that will assist you in your research.

Please contact the below mentioned staff on their extension numbers to make an arrangement to discuss.

Faculty of Science and Engineering Departmental Directors, HDR

Department Departmental Director, HDR Extension Number Email
Biological Sciences A/Prof Culum Brown ex 6292
Chemical & Biomolecular Sciences Prof Paul Haynes ex 6258
Chiropractic Dr Roger Engel ex 6387
Computing A/Prof Yan Wang ex 9539
Earth & Planetary Sciences A/Prof Dorrit Jacob ex 8428
Engineering A/Prof Stuart Jackson
ex 9137
Environmental Sciences A/Prof Vladimir Strezov ex 6959
Mathematics Prof Xuan Duong ex 8948
Physics & Astronomy Prof Jason Twamley ex 8908
Statistics A/Prof Jun Ma ex 8548

Faculty of Science and Engineering MRes Advisors

Department Departmental Director, HDR Extension Number Email
Biological Sciences A/Prof Grant Hose ex 6296
Chemical & Biomolecular Sciences A/Prof Louise Brown ex 8294
Chiropractic Dr Ben Brown ex 6383
Computing A/Prof Mark Dras ex 9580
Earth & Planetary Sciences A/Prof Simon Clark ex 8166

A/Prof Sam Reisenfeld

Dr Sammy Diasinos

ex 6002

ex 9146

Environmental Sciences

Dr Tim Ralph (Year 1)

Dr Maina Mbui (Year 2)

ex 6378
Mathematics Dr Adam Sikora ex 8919
Physics & Astronomy

A/Prof Gavin Brennen (Year 1)

Dr Joanne Dawson (Year 2)

ex 4445


Statistics Dr Thomas Fung ex 4769