Macquarie University offers scholarships for domestic students (i.e resident in Australia and New Zealand), as well as international students. View an overview of the scholarships currently available for Higher Degree Research (HDR) study. In addition to University and/or government scholarships, some candidates may be eligible for stipend supplement (“top-up”) scholarships provided by industry, CSIRO, or departments and research centres. Please consult your supervisor and/or the Departmental Director, HDR for further information.

All scholarship awards, including extensions, are conditional on candidates making satisfactory progress with their research, and participating in regular progress review activities, as specified by the University and Faculties/Departments.

Scholarship extensions (Only applicable to candidates commenced prior to 2014)

1. Government awards (APA/APAI/IPRS)

Under the Conditions of Award for Government PhD scholarships (APA/APAI/E-IPRS), students can apply for a 6-month extension to their award (to a maximum tenure of 3.5 years) on the basis of research-related delays, for example: problems recruiting subjects, unanticipated problems with experiments, damaged equipment, fieldwork delays, prolonged problems with accessing archival materials, etc.. These delays should be noted in your annual report, with your supervisor commenting on your case in their section of the form. HDRO will process extensions from your annual report submission once the Annual Report process is completed, and will notify you directly of the outcome. APAI holders will also need to seek support, in writing, from their Industry partner for the additional funding and submit it with the Annual Report. This consent is included in the University’s advice to the ARC seeking a variation to funding. The Faculty also needs to agree to underwrite the extension should the variation of funding fail to be approved, so please send a copy of the relevant documents to the Associate Dean, HDR. If your scholarship expires prior to the return of a completed Annual Report (mid November) and you not have made a case for extension in your prior Annual report, then you can submit your case in writing to the Associate Dean HDR, including a completion timeline and a letter of support from your supervisor. The AD HDR will review your request and forward it to the HDRO.

2. Other awards (iMQRES, MQRES)

The tenure of these awards is normally 3.5 years. No extensions are provided for within the Conditions of Award.However, the Faculty of Science and Engineering may, under specific circumstances described below, provide assistance with payment of tuition fees for international candidates who, for reasons demonstrated to be beyond their control, are unable to submit their thesis by the primary scholarship end date, and a tuition fees debt will otherwise be generated. Such delays may include problems recruiting subjects, unanticipated problems with experiments, damaged equipment, fieldwork delays, prolonged problems with accessing archival materials, etc. That the research is taking longer than anticipated is NOT a sufficient reason – candidates and supervisors must allow adequate time when scoping the project, and continually monitor progress towards achieving on-time completion.

Requests for fees assistance must be made in writing, in a letter addressed to the Associate Dean HDR, in advance of the semester in which the primary scholarship expires. This is because all international scholarship holders will receive an account for a full semester of fees (approx. $A15,000) at the start of the semester in which the primary scholarship expires, irrespective of the actual expiry date. At that time, you will have to either request an extension of time to pay in anticipation of on-time submission of your thesis, or pay the fees.

The request should include: (1) An explanation of the reasons why the thesis cannot be submitted by the primary scholarship end date, a summary of the work completed to date, including thesis writing, and (3) a detailed timeline for completion within the requested extension period, including milestones and dates. A letter of support from the Principal Supervisor, including a realistic assessment of progress to date and of the applicant’s ability to complete within the extension period, must also be provided.

Requests must be submitted via the Faculty HDR team no later than 31st May for primary scholarships ending between July and December, and by 30th November for primary scholarships ending between January and June each year. In considering the request, the AD HDR may consult with your supervisors and other relevant Faculty staff to determine whether the financial assistance will guarantee thesis submission within the extension period. An email will then be sent by the Faculty’s HDR Team to advise applicants of the outcome.