Learning Skills Support

​Macquarie University provides a range of learning skills support and training to assist research candidates in developing essential skills in academic literacy, research methods and professional development.​ ​Please refer to our training opportunities website.

Ethics workshops

Workshops on Animal, Human and Biosafety Research and Teaching issues are run annually by the Research Office in conjunction with the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC).
If your research requires Ethics clearance, you should discuss this with your supervisor or the University’s Animal Ethics Committee, Human Ethics Committee or Biosafety Committee.

Work health and safety (WH&S) inductions

The management of the Faculty aims to make the Faculty the safest it can be for staff, research candidates and members of the public. All personnel of the Faculty, including the research candidates, must undertake relevant safety induction within their first four weeks on campus.

Other safety information sessions, for example for terrestrial and water-based fieldwork, including international travel, will be provided either at the Faculty Commencement Program, or by the relevant Department.