Dr Robert Carman

BSc Hons(Manc) PhD(St.And) DSc(St.And) MInstP SMIEEE

Senior Research Fellow

Department of Physics and Astronomy

MQ Photonics Research Centre

Dr Rob Carman has more than 30 years experience studying the physics of electrical discharges, particularly relating to plasma-based light sources including high-power gas-lasers. He has extensive experience in numerical (computer) modelling of multi-parameter, non-linear complex systems in laser physics and discharge plasmas, including non-equilibrium plasmas, and in experimental techniques in plasma spectroscopy for discharge kinetics studies. His research has encompassed rare-gas/metal-vapour plasmas including high-power pulsed lasers, dielectric barrier discharges (DBDs), DC glows, and microwave plasmas.

For the last fifteen years, he has led a research team at Macquarie University studying the fundamental plasma kinetics issues in DBD plasma based Ultraviolet and Vacuum-Ultraviolet (UV/VUV) light sources. The aim has been to develop high average-power, high-efficiency, table-top UV/VUV sources 60<λ<300nm for a broad range of applications in materials processing of dielectrics, semi-conductors, polymers and glasses; VUV lithography, surface cleaning, and water sterilisation. He is the author and co-author of ~150 journal/conference papers (21 invited) with >1500 citations to date. He has a strong track record of research collaboration with industry partners in Australia and overseas with ~12 industry project/contracts (8 as the lead investigator), and total funding from government/industry sources 1999-2014 ~$2.9M. In 2011, he was awarded a DSc from the University of St Andrews “Plasma kinetics studies of rare-gas and rare-gas/metal-vapour discharges used as visible/UV/VUV light sources” for collected publications 1990-2007.

Current research areas

XeBr dielectric barrier discharge UVC lamp (λ=282nm)___ Coaxial Xe2* excimer lamp (λ=172nm) ______________________________________Windowless barrier discharge and chamber for Ne2* excimer lamp (λ=84nm)

last updated July 2016

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