ANU/Macquarie Category Theory Workshop

Haydon- Allen Building, Room HA G050

11th – 12th February 2013


Day 1 Monday

 9:30    Scott Morrison

Khovanov homology as a 4 category.

10:20  Ignacio Lopez Franco;

What is the Frobenius-Perron dimension in a tensor category?

 11:10  Michael Johnson

Spans, spans, spans, and the monad of anchored spans.

12:00  Lunch

14:00  James Borger

Generalized symmetries in categories of algebras (following Tall-Wraith, Bergman-Hausknect, . . . ).

14:50 Vigleik Angeltveit

The topological Hochschild homology of Thom spectra as cyclotomic spectra.

15:30  Afternoon Tea

16:00  Steve Lack

Triangulations, orientals, and skew monoidal categories.

16:50  Dominic Verity

Homotopy coherence properties of adjunctions between quasi-categories.

17:40 Finish


Day 2 Tuesday

9:30 Anthony Licata

Heisenberg algebras, Hecke algebras, and graphical calculus.

10:20 Lars Hesselholt

The big de Rham-Witt complex.

11:10 Ross Street

Monads and monoidal structures.

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Mark Weber

Structured colimits and polynomial functors (joint with Michael Batanin).

14:50 Michael Batanin

Homotopy theory of algebras of polynomial monads.

15:30 Afternoon Tea

16:00 Richard Garner

Free cocompletions.

17:00 Finish