The Second Morgan-Phoa Mathematics Workshop


Dates: Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 November 2008


Venues:   Tuesday at Macquarie University;

                  Wednesday at Sydney University.


Purpose: It is clear that CoACT (Macquarie University) and Amnon Neeman's group at the CMA (Australian National University) have many common research interests. The plan for these Workshops is to investigate those connections, and to advance the research areas, in an informal and flexible setting. Some of these common interests include categorical homotopy theory, topos theory, triangulated categories, K-theory, higher categories, homological algebra, cohomology, and differential graded categories.  


Participants included: Michael Batanin, Tom Booker, James Borger, John Bourke, Alain Brugui¸res, Dimitri Chikhladze, Boris Chorny, Alexei Davydov, Lance Gurney, Shane Kelly, Stephen Lack, Martin Markl, Micah McCurdy, Amnon Neeman, David Oury, Jˇr™me Scherer, Greg Stevenson, Ross Street, Dominic Verity, Alexis Virelizier.


Talks on Tuesday in E6A357 at Macquarie U:


10:30         Micah McCurdy       Tannakian reconstruction

11:30         Boris Chorny             Localization of spectra with respect to cohomology

12:30         Lunch at the Staff Club

14:00         Ross Street                 Mackey functors

15:00         Jˇr™me Scherer          Homotopy nilpotent groups

16:00         Stephen Lack            Enhanced 2-categories

18:30         Dinner at the Platinum Bar and Grill (Macquarie Centre)


Talks on Wednesday in Carslaw Building Rm 351 (and Jones in Rm 175) at Sydney U:


10:30         Amnon Neeman       Brown representability

12:00         Vaughan Jones                  Planar algebras

13:00         Lunch (diverse venues)

15:00         David Oury               Horns for simplicial and theta sets

16:00         James Borger             Lambda-rings and absolute algebraic geometry

17:45         Drinks at a pub


Thanks to:

         Dominic Verity and Tom Booker for organization

         Margaret Morgan and Wesley Phoa

         Centre for Mathematics and its Applications

         Centre of Australian Category Theory

         Mathematics Department, Macquarie University

         Australian Research Council