The Third Morgan-Phoa Mathematics Workshop


Dates:       Thursday 28 and Friday 29 January 2010


Venue:      Australian National University, Canberra;

Room G35 of the John Dedman Building.


Purpose:   CoACT (Macquarie University) and Amnon Neeman's group at the CMA (Australian National University) have many common research interests. The plan for these Workshops is to investigate those connections, and to advance the research areas, in an informal and flexible setting. Some of these common interests include categorical homotopy theory, topos theory, triangulated categories, K-theory, higher categories, homological algebra, cohomology, and differential graded categories.  


Participants included: Gabriella Bhm, James Borger, John Bourke, Dimitri Chikhladze, Jeff Egger, Richard Garner, Lars Hesselholt, Mike Johnson, Stephen Lack, Micah McCurdy, Amnon Neeman, David Oury, Emily Riehl, Greg Stevenson, Ross Street, Dominic Verity.


Talks on Thursday:


09:30         Emily Riehl                 An advertisement for natural factorisation systems in model structures

10:20         Jeff Egger                    How is measure theory a subset of topology?

11:00                           Morning tea

11:30         Richard Garner            An introduction to Martin-Lf type theory

12:15         David Oury                 Simplicial sets and higher categories

13:00                           Lunch at the Dumpling Restaurant

14:15         Lars Hesselholt            What is a good proof that geometric realization preserves finite products?

14:50         Micah McCurdy          Graphical languages for monoidal category theory

15:30                           Afternoon tea

16:10         Gabi Bhm                  (Weak) Hopf algebras and (weak) Hopf monads

16:45         Dominic Verity           What abstract homotopy theory do I need?

19:15                           Dinner outside at University House


Talks on Friday:


09:38         Steve Lack                  Homotopy local presentability (with Jiri Rosicky)

10:20         Dimitri Chikhladze      Barrs embedding theorem

11:00                           Morning tea

11:37         John Bourke                (-)

12:14         Jim Borger          Abstract thoughts on Toen-Vaqui

13:00                           Lunch on campus

14:20         Greg Stevenson           Universal support for triangulated categories

15:00         Amnon Neeman          Large triangulated categories

15:30                           Afternoon tea

16:10         Ross Street                  Might there be yet another kind of operad?

16:50         Mike Johnson              Bridging theory and application and theory and theory for relational bases

17:35                           Close


Thanks to:

         Amnon Neeman, Alison Irvine, Jim Borger, and Dominic Verity for organization;

         Margaret Morgan and Wesley Phoa;

         Centre for Mathematics and its Applications;

         Centre of Australian Category Theory;

         Mathematics Department, Macquarie University;

         Australian Research Council.